Saturday, January 21, 2006


Beaten to it...

Now, I was going to return to world of blogging with a typical rant about Big Brother, the gorilla coat and the waste of resources in sending a police team to the BB house to seize Pere Burns coat cos 7 people complained.

However, Bystander beat me to it here.

As it happens though, Pete Burns is turning into must-see TV and not just for his Bride of Wildenstein looks. My two favourite quotes so far have been :

On Traci's hair - "it looks like Tina Turner's arse-hair"

On Barrymore asking about his cigarettes " who appointed you the f*cking ciggy police? Just because you suck dick now doesn't let you control who puts what in their mouth"

Once somebody makes the ashtray joke, I'm going to vote for them to win !!!!