Thursday, December 01, 2005


Vroom Vroom

Was reading this today - containing, probably, the stupidest legal decision I've ever heard.

In brief, a driver was recorded doing 156mph whilst using his mobile phone. He was charged with various speed and motoring related offences, but was acquited as he had not been served the correct notice of prosecution (apparently). However, he was acquited on the mobile charge because, according to the Sheriff, 'whilst there is evidence of him holding the phone to his ear, there is no evidence he was using it'

" Yes your honour, I'm aware I was doing 156 mph, I'm aware that's more than twice the speed limit, I'm aware that this is probably the highest speed ever recorded on camera in this country. However, I would never dream of using a mobile phone, that would be dangerous, I was actually just holding it to my ear "

I know judges and sheriffs have a tough, unenviable job, but sometimes, just sometimes, they do something so f*cking stupid it defies belief !

How ridiculous that you're questioning this man's integrity. He could well have been holding it to his ear, just to cool his ear down. Circumstantial, Yer Honour.

Why, only today, I was accused of surfing the internet while I was supposed to be working.
But aha! Caught you out then, didn't I?! Shows how much you know.
I was actually only holding the mouse and looking in the general direction of the computer because the muscles that move my eyeballs sideways needed a rest.

My finger must have convulsed twice over the little blue 'e' at precisely that moment, by enormous coincidence........
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