Tuesday, December 20, 2005


I'll do it tomorrow

Procrastination and ambivalence are bad human traits I'm sure you'll agree, but combined, they can completely lay waste to any undertaking or hobby. Combining 'can I be bothered' with 'i'll do it later' gives you 'i'll do it tomorrow if I can be ar*ed'. I am of course talking of my recent shoddiness in keeping the blog uptodate. If some of the history's great people had shown the same drive and determination as me, we'd still be living in caves, eating raw meat and bashing the wife on the head everytime we fancied a bit of the other.

Idyllic as that sounds, I'm sure we'll agree it's for the best that we've progressed since those days !

What's wrong with living in a cave, eating raw meat, and bashing the wife?

Haven't you ever been to Castlemilk?
just once, very fast, with the windows rolled up
ah yes, that is what's known as The CBA* Factor in our household

that's right: give it a posh name and allofasudden procrastination is socially acceptable

* Can't Be Arsed
Procrastinator definately sounds better than waster (although perhaps ruder)
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If you leave it long enough someone else will do it anyway.
Taps foot, looks at watch... scratches arse when no one is looking.

C'mon, what's the holdup?
You can only use the caveman excuse for so long, you know. We're talking about you behind your back now.
Lazy Arse.

I know, I know

I promise i'll start again soon
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