Monday, December 05, 2005


Are you there God ?

You may have noticed that I've had a couple of days off, coinciding with the start of December and advent. Now, most people celebrate advent with calendars, wreaths and advent candles. Apparently, this year, I'm celebrating advent by continuously lashing it up. December is only 5 days old and I've been on the lash for 4 of them. I've mentioned before that I'm not devoutly religious, but even I think God is going to be less than impressed by that.

God - "what good deeds and offerings have you dedicated in this advent season, when we celebrate the birth of my only son, sent to earth and crucified for sake of mankind?"

Me - "well...actually..none really, but I've trousered gallons of wine and beer. Does that count?"

Better go and help a couple of old ladies across the road !

Late November is December is fucking deadly for gettint trousered. I'm going to try and have a week off - because next week's shaping up to be packed full of red-wine!
I shall be dry for a week, preparing my jaded liver for the onslaught of toxins.
Is God there? I have to say that He is. There are too many things in this world that can only be explained through the presents of an intelligent creator. I have also personally seen God do great miracles in other people's lives.
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