Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Vive la France

Sometimes you have to admire the French. They truly do not give a f*ck about anyone apart from themselves. Not for them peaceful protest and political debate. Don't like the aristocracy - take over the country and send them all to the Bastille and the Guillotine. Petrol prices too high - blockade the roads and set fire to trucks. Govt talking about abolishing farming subsidies - fill the cities with dead sheep and set fire to them. Greenpeace ship in harbour complaining about your environmental record - sink the f*cker. Feeling muscular - set off 210 atmospheric nuclear tests (third only behind USA (1030) and the Soviet Union(715)). The UK comes a distant joint 4th (with China) with 45. Still...we set off most of ours in Australia, so it's not all bad.

Given the above, it can surely come as no surprise that there is an outbreak of civil unrest across France. The only slight difference this time is that it's immigrants who are rioting, rather than the French, complaining that they are being treated as 2nd Class citizens. Surely the French Govt can see that they have passed the basic French citizenship test. Don't like something or someone, feeling unappreciated or downtrodden - then just riot and set fire to things !

They'll be collecting their French passports before the weekend !

You really do have to admire them, after hearing the ongoing saga on the news daily, I decided they were spot on in their pro active approach to appeasing their disgruntlement. SO, I couldn't be arsed going to work this morning so I kicked f#ck out my neighbour and set fire to my car. Felt much better for it too. Anyway, can you post bail for me big man ?
not a problem, I'll be down shortly
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