Monday, November 14, 2005


Things I've learned this weekend :

As they say, a weekend wasted is not a wasted weekend. However, I picked up a few nuggets of knowledge along the way

1) England now believe they are odds-on favourites for the world cup, after a win against Argentina, albeit a very good one.

2) Houses are very cold in November without heating

3) Never mind complaining about oil being $50 a barrel. Apparently, a barrel of HP printer cartridge ink would cost in the region of $495,000 !

4) Babies do not like tepid baths

5) The 15 pairs of trainers in my wardrobe is probably too many

6) Regardless of how wide and varied the selection of books in a shop is, I will invariably pick the 3 or 4 worst.

7) Mexican is once again my favourite food.

8) Stella is better than Kronenbourg

9) Do not burst a blister on your finger that isn't ready for bursting.

10) Glass shelves and baby foreheads do not make a nice noise when they meet.

11) Charity bookshops smell like old people

12) Planning for a birthday party and christmas dinner on consecutive days is a taxing task.

13) Madonna should give it up

14) Someone in Sony deserves a slap

So, all-in-all, a learning filled weekend !

Point 5 is patently ridiculous, what are you thining ??
No no no!
Kronenbourg is easily better than that perfume that goes by the name of Stella.
Other than that I totally agree with the rest, especially Madonna. Her, Blondie and any other who was once famous and possibly good but are now clearly grasping at straws and passed it should all join hands and jump off a very high cliff. Preferably onto something a spear!
What have Sony done by the way?
But neither are as good as Peroni !

Sony are using spyware to combat piracy of their CD's which is being installed on PC's without telling the owner.
I thought microsoft were treating it as a spyware threat and now Sony have stopped manufacturing CD's with it built in?
1. They won the World Cup in 1966, did you know that?

3. Just refill it yourself then.

8. Peroni, yes. Stella, no. Kronenburg, maybe. Stella is too chemical-ridden and gives me a headache.

13. Madonna's album is quietly infectious.
No.8 Totally agree with you on, stella is like bad perfume!
No.3 is far too messy.
No.1 is off no interest to anyone unless your English and delusional and as for No.13!?!?!?!?!
I bet you'r a closet ABBA fan too?
Quietly infectious? So is ebola, but it doesn't feel the need to put on a teenager's leotard and prance about like a skanky ho, does it?
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