Friday, November 04, 2005



I learned two new statistics yesterday, both of which surprised me(well, 3 if you count the fact that i found out the Mr Sulu from Star Trek is gay. Not a statistic, I grant you, but still surprising).


Apparently out of every £8 spent in Britain, £1 is spent in Tesco. Not out of £8 spent in supermarkets, oh no, just £8 in general, on anything and everything. Once you take into account everything they have - supermarkets, petrol, financial services etc etc, they control 12.5% of the total consumer spending in the UK.


Apparently, one third of all food made in the UK on a daily basis thrown away. This includs restuarants, supermarkets, deli's, sandwich shops etc etc. Once you total it all up, it comes to a third of what was initially made. I learned this watch a program about Freegans last night. They are a (growing) group of people who only eat stuff they get for free. They are most interested in this statistic, cos they spend their day raking in the bins for said chucked out food so they can eat it. So, while this statistic is shocking, it's not as bad as seeing someone make a conscious choice to eat bananas out a wheelie bin.

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It did come as a bit of a surprise to me, not being aware that I was a pet ??

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I think Tesco are over rated. A third of their floorspace is given over to clothes, cd's, tvs and the like. The range of foodtuffs available is less than at their competitors.
They have brainwashed us into believing that they are the best.
I'd like to see one of these freegan types try and get dinner out of my bin, I hate wasting food and consequently the amount I throw away wouldn't be enough to keep an anorexic happy! This is all besides the fact that if I actually caught any hippy types rummaging through my rubbish I would quite happily set their smelly asses on fire!
the good thing about tesco is, as new dad, i can get everything in one shop. All the weekly shopping, plus all the baby-related stuff without getting dragged round hundreds of shops, without beer or gadgets in sight.

To get to your bin, he'd need to come through your house, which would be a shock for you, but a bigger one him, especially once you set fire to him
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