Monday, November 28, 2005


Smooth as a ....

Watching the over-the-top outpourings of grief over St George of Best, alcoholic wife-beater extraordinaire, I had a sudden don't see many footballers with beards these days. I don't mean the obligatory midfield hardman goatee, a la Roy Keane or designer stubble a la Ryan Giggs. No, I'm talking full beard a la Socrates or Best himself. You just don't see it very much anymore. In fact, off the top of my head, I can't think of a single current footballer with a beard. You can lose count of the number of dodgy haircuts (and Becks would probably cover most of them himself), but no experimentation on facial hair. Full beards, I grant you, have never been 'cool', but are popular enough that you would think that at least some footballers would have one.

But I guess not...

There's Cisse, he's got a beard. And that one who's just been banned - for taking drugs, not having a beard. But they're sculpted beards, admittedly, not the full-on fuzzface.
I wouldn't know, not having a telly, or being interested in watching blokes doing er... anything that involves wearingless than the full winter compliment of coverings.

However I'm fast on the way to perfecting a lady-beard and hope to gain some recognition and respect through this. I'll take up football once I've cultivated my chin-stubble to it's full potential, become famous, then let you know.
Will that count?
*its*. No apostrophe. Cringe...
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