Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Rod the Rifle

So...Penny Lancaster(32) has given birth and Rod Stewart(60) now has his seventh child. Now, fantasies of a naked Penny Lancaster aside, this got me thinking. At 60, are you really going to be a suitable and / or effective parent? Having a nearly-one-year-old myself, it's fairly exhausting work, hence I leave most of the hard stuff to the wife ! I would imagine that most people at 60 are thinking about winding down into pleasant days of relaxtion and contemplation, moaning about the 'youth of today', eating mushed up food and soiling themselves. One thing I do know about babies is that there's not much time for relaxtion and contemplation, although there's plenty of mushed up food and soiling.

I imagine Penny to be far too glamourous to look after another person, having to mush up their food and clean up their soilings, so to look after a baby as well would be a nightmare (bet you didn't see that coming!)

Incidentally, on a related topic, I still think Penny is better looking than Rachel Hunter.

I've never got Rod's taste in women. They are all so bland and boring, don't you think? Although I was always a big fan of Britt Ekland.

*Wyndham clearly realises he's living in a fantasy world and returns to work, forthwith*
I've always liked tall blondes, and if there is one thing that Rod does well, it's tall blondes.

And any fantasy work involving Rachel Hunter, Penny Lancaster and Britt Ekland has to be better than work !
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