Thursday, November 10, 2005


President Tony

You have to think, Tony Blair has a cushy wee deal going. He can come up with a proposal, say holding terrorist suspects without trial from 90 days. He says he believes in it as the police tell him it's necessary. It's splashed all the the papers as Tough on Terror - Tonys New Idea. Now...everyone who advises him tells 90 days is too long, look for a compromise, go for 45/50 days. Tony says's my plan, I'm great, it'll work (but just to make sure, he calls back two ministers from abroad and makes one get off his sick bed after heart surgery).

So...he gets absolutely spanked in the commons vote and has to settle for 21 days, when he could probably have the 40/50 days. He says the MP's have got it wrong, he's in touch with the people and he's the only one who knows whats good for the country and they should have voted for 90 days.

Then...a day later, Charles Clarke the Home Secretary comes out and says

"ah..actually the 90 days was my my idea..sorry..don't blame Tony..nothing to do with him"

So..Tony can come up with an idea - if it works, he gets the credit and if it doesn't, someone else will take the blame.

What a great job !

He's a slippery one is that bloke. Don't trust him or any of his cabinet and the soon we're shut of the lot of them, the better.
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