Wednesday, November 02, 2005



I'm getting worried...

My favourite subject at school was english and I enjoyed the reading and writing that came as part of the coursework. This continued when I left school and university in that I still like reading for enjoyment and have always got 3 or 4 books around house that that I'm reading.

Now, why would this have me worried, I hear you ask. Well, i'll tell you, because, for the last 4 or 5 days, I can't think of a single f*cking thing to write about.

I've written about Lost, the TV show, a couple of times in the past, but there are only so many ways you can write 'it's p1sh, nothing is happening again'. I could write about music, but there a danger I could turn into one of the 'spoddy wee muso w@nks' I was criticising last week. I could write about movies, which I also like, but since the baby came along, we haven't been to the pictures much, and who wants to read my thoughts on 2 year old film?

Has the well run dry? Have I, finally, said all I'm going to say? Should I be like Roy Keane, slagging off all and sundry, conscious of the fact that I'm slowly fading into obscurity and only stir up controversy to remind people that I still exist?

Should I go back and hope to be inspired by the WWE Diva I posed about on Sunday?

Yes, I think I will !

Just chant the following, easily remembered, mantra to yourself.
"Must spout bollocks, must spout bollocks, must spout bollocks".
Works a treat for the rest of us. Give it a go.
I'm surprised you lasted this long. I've always found your comment fatuous and your ability to retain interest poor at best.
been looking up big words in the dictionary again ?
"but since the baby came along"

I think they say write about what you know. I would have imagined the baby would give you lots and lots of material. And not just the brown kind.
I say, sir, thank you muchly for the link!
Glad you liked it
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