Thursday, November 24, 2005


it's so cold...

...there's a brass monkey crying at my office door.

I remember a couple of weeks ago, laughing when I read the prophecies of the 'arctic winter' and 'the coldest winter in decades'.

However, as my nuts are disappearing so far into my body I've got lumps under my ears, I'm starting to revise my opinion.

I did see something to make me laugh this afternoon though. I was walking down to the sandwich shop for lunch when a very attractive young lady walked passed me, perhaps about 20 years old. She looked like a model, but obviously knew it, with a arrogant, haughty expression marring her features. She was wearing a trendy floaty skirt and a trendy pair of flip flops and she looked like the coldest person i've ever seen - seriously, Captain Oates would have asked who the really cold looking person was.

I laughed all the way to the shops

Weren't Captain Oates's real last words "I'm just stepping out for a piss."

Probably not, but I like to think so.
I'd like to think so too. The sign-off of a real man !
Frosty bitch.
Um, I'm not much of a fashionista, but aren't those ridiculous boho floaty skirts, like, over??
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