Wednesday, November 09, 2005


I'm watching you

What is it with some people in that they can't accept the official version of anything? Was flicking through Sky last night and found a program about conspiracy theories.

1) Paul McCartney died in 196?? and was replaced by a double to keep the Beatles going.
2) Princess Di was apparently killed by British security services, using the highly effective and often used method of a staged car crash.
3) Prince Philip is actually the ruler of world and uses his position as a director of the World Wild Life Fund to create environmental diasters to control the worlds population.
4) Mobile Phone companies are part of a secret world government and control our thoughts by transmitting mind control waves from phone masts.
5) Pearl Harbour was planned by the American Govt to draw America into the war, breaking the economic depression they were stuck in.
6) The moon landing was actually filmed in the arizona desert.

What a lot of utter p1sh !

However, there was a whole part of the show dedicated to the events of 9/11. There were no less than 7 separate theories devoted to these events

1) 9/11 was planned by George Bush, so he could declare war in the middle east, boosting his flagging approval ratings.
2) 9/11 was planned by a secret military/industrial complex, forcing massive military spending, generating huge profits.
3) 9/11 was planned by a secret government cabal in order to take control of the oil in the middle east.
4) 9/11 was planned as a huge insurance rip-off. Each tower was insured for $3.5 billion 3 months before the event. Both towers were riddled with asbestos and needed to be torn down.
5) 9/11 was planned by the government to generate a state of fear, allowing the government to enact new legislation (the Patriot Act), allowing massive infringements on civil liberties.
6) The Pentagon was actually hit by a missle, not a plane. The plane supposedly involved was actually crashed and sunk in the Atlantic Ocean
7) The plane that was forced down by the passengers was actually shot down by American fighter planes.

Now...I'm no defense specialist or investigative journalist, but with 5 different reasons (6 if you include the one about terrorists flying planes into them!) for the actual cause of 9/11, surely at least one of them must be wrong ??

I love conspiracy theory movies - how good is Capricorn One? - but am with the cock-up theory of history all the way.
hi. just stumbled and took a peek. will come back. anyone who lessens the innocence of american blood from 9-11 will get a swift kick to the shins by yours truly. some conspiracies suck eggs.
I think conspiracy theories are great, they let the feeble minded (like me) think up all sorts of alternatives for world wide events. I must say though that if there was a nation on this planet dumb enough to plan an event like 9/11 on themselves then it would be our friends across the Atlantic!
Indeed a classic - and also referenced in Diamonds are Forever, if I remember rightly ?
I find the bampots who are convinced the world is ruled by a secret cabal of Illuminati highly amusing.
Then there are the mongs who take 'The da Vinci Code' seriously.
Cospiracy theories can be dangerous: viz the 'Protocols of Zion'.
What - you mean the Jesus didn't marry and his bloodline hasn't been passed down through the years, hidden from view, via a deposed French royal dynasty from the 12 century ???

And what's the Protocols of Zion - they sound interesting
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