Monday, November 21, 2005


How much?

This is a post about Roy Keane, although not about football, so all you non-footy-liking types don't have to switch off. It's actually more about money. you may know, Roy recently left Manchester United by mutual consent (i.e. fired) and is now jobless. He is reported to have been offered £95k per week by Juventus for 18 months. £95k per weeks sounds like, and actually is, a lot of money. However, once you extrapolate that up to the length of his contract, it becomes obscene. It works out to be £7.5 million for 18 months work. Once you factor win and goal bonus' into that, plus a siging on fee and more bonus for actually winning something, it's not inconceivable that he could earn £10 million over the next 18 months. In the continental fashion, this will be his post-tax, not pre-tax, salary.

He'll earn in one week what it would take an average-wage earner 6.3 years to earn. In a year, he'll earn as much as 444 average-wage earners.

Nice work if you can get it eh?

I've had no respect for Keane since he walked out on the Irish squad at the world cup.
Primadonna wanker.
And that's before he's signed for Celtic - and more dosh!

Seems increasingly like an unhappy chap though.
think he's still a great player and think he would be outstanding up here for us, but I do think he's a wanker tho !
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