Sunday, October 09, 2005


We're on the march with...oh, hold on

So...the world cup dream is over again. After two cracking results, in time-honoured tradition, we chucked it away in what should have been an easier match. We've even been denied our usual 'glorious failure' option, by being p*sh against Belarus.

I was cheered immensely, though, by watching Captain Fantastic David Beckham get done up like an absolute kipper twice and getting sent off. Apparently he's the first england player to be sent off twice - brilliant !

Not that it's anything personal against Beckham - I'd have laughed just as hard if any of the England players had been sent off.

What annoys me (as well as most scottish football fans) is the unashamed england bias of all of the media channels. Watching TV yesterday, you wouldn't even have known all the other home nations were playing, it was all england, england, england. Football Focus on BBC1 (yes, BRITISH Broadcasting Corporation) was devoted almost entirely to England, with a quick 2 or 3 minutes at the end, just to keep the provinces happy.

Actually, I'm glad that they qualified (although not as happy as I would have been had they not), cos we'll be able to watch the media build them up, carry them on a patriotic tide of self-delusion that they are going to win the world cup, then tear them apart in a self-righteous blame frenzy that would put great white sharks to shame when Germany beat them on penalties

It'll be almost as good as the football itself

Here we go, bloody Jocks whinging on about no telly coverage. Perhaps they'd have got some if they'd qualified? And it's you lot that wanted devolution, so off you go...


In all fairness, you try and get any English club football results up in Scotland.

I actually hate the England football setup at the moment and I don't think we've had anything like a decent team since Italia '90. They're completely overhyped and not worthy of the shirt. I'd gladly support an England team of players who gave their absolute all and lost to that bunch of overrated posers who swan about, thinking they're it and who ..erm... still lose.

Top of the morning to you!

(Just jesting with you, thanks for dropping by at my blog),

Don't you know, moaning is what what we do and we've had a lot of practice.

Liked your blog - laughed rather a lot at it in the office, so I'm sure I'll be dropping by again.

I'm off to put a tenner on Celtic's Magic Maciej for first goal against England tonight
I bet that little shithead Rooney scores. Can't stand him. Or Lampard, badge-kissing, useless fat git.
If England can lose to a bunch of journeymen like Northern Ireland then they are clearly NOT potential world cup winners.
We hear this shite before every world cup. They may have some world class players, but they are most definitely not a world class team.
Think England have got a pretty good team, but deffo not world class, they'll always struggle against teams who play it tight and play well as a team like, say, Northern Ireland !
I was so happy when Northern Ireland beat them. Is that wrong? it's the whole Ericksson jobs for his little pals thing that I hate. Like I say, I'd rather have a team of players who work their socks off get beaten 4-0 than that bunch of pricks scrape a 1-0 win. Suppose I should support Scotland then.

Ho ho ho.

My Grandad was Scottish and I always supported them (and all the British teams) when I was a kid (mainly because Dalglish, Hansen and Souness were in the team). Then I grew up and realised how spiteful everyone was towards the English and I came to realise that it was actually quite good fun watching the Welsh and Scots in their perpetual struggle to qualify for tournaments.
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