Saturday, October 22, 2005


Sir doesn't have a tie

If I felt underdressed before i went to the restaurant, that was nothing compared to how i felt when I got there. It was all Prada, Jimmy Choo's and champers. Food and drink were cracking though, if a touch over-priced. The restaurant is on the top floor, so you see all over Edinburgh, but that adds a certain premium to the prices. It's the first restaurant I've been in where they had a bottle of wine at £1000. I ask you, how much of that do they sell?

Actually, given the amount of diamonds and gold on show, probably quite a lot !

Blimey. I'm sure it'd get to the stage where the environment is a little uncomfortable for me. Was the food any good?
Food was very good - I had marinated red snapper, followed by pan roasted guinea fowl, if you're wondering.

My view is that if someone thinks I'm out of place, then it's their problem not mine, so they can f*ck off for all i care !
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