Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Oui s'il vous plait

Inspired by watching the TV last night, I found myself wondering which accent is sexiest? I'm not talking about language as, like the vast majority of British holiday-makers, I've never bothered to get off my fat ass and learn a foreign language. (I tried Italian once, I got married in Italy so thought I should try to pick up some of the lingo before I went, so bought a Lingua-phone type thing, but once the initial novelty and excitement of having a new toy wore off, it was chucked in the back of the cupboard.) So not language, as you'd always be thinking she could be saying ' you disgust me, you fat slobbering pig, I only married you for the passport, soon I'll kill you ha ha ha'. That's always the problem with marrying ex-paraguayan death squad assasins.

I'm talking about speaking English, but with a foreign (or not, as the case may be) accent. After a substantial amount of thought and some discussion with Mrs BigDov, I finally went for French, with slight Southern American (that's as in Georgia or South Carolina etc, rather than the aforemention Paraguayan death mongers) in second place. Mrs BigDov went for Italian, which I thought was a touch cliched.

Depends on how French - too French and you can't understand them (errrrrrr.... Cantona).

I quite like the Austrian/Swiss gentle Germanic. Odd, I know, but I'm a weird one.
germanic - an odd choice, I agree. Not sure it will ever figure highly on an international poll of sexy accents, but each to their own.

Too many connotations of 'where are your papers' and 'what are the secret plans' (might have read too many commando comics when I was young)
Well, exactly, that's my point. I quite like that commanding edge to an accent.
I've also realised that I quite like a soft russian-type accent. Like you say, it must be all the fantasies about being ordered around !
uk slang is cool...how come you don't write the swearwords out in full? ("b0ll0cks" is still balls)
Politeness I guess - I'm never sure who's going to be reading it, so I try to keep it as polite as possible !
Politeness! That's so sweet!

Speaking as an american, I find that a Scottish accent on a deep voice just melts my knees. I guess it goes back to Dr. No.

Second on my list is Greek. Then Russian.

French, not so much. I'd rather hear the frogs speak French than English.
It is of course well known that the scottish accent is the sexiest in the world !
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