Sunday, October 30, 2005


Ladies, I salute you

You may have noticed that I haven't posted in while. Now...I could claim that I'm suffering from writers block and that the creative juices have dried up for the moment. I could also clain that that I've been away for a while with no access to t'internet to keep the blog updated.

The truth, as most of friends will know, is that I'm probably the laziest person in the world and recently I just couldn't be ars*d.

But as I sit here, watching WWE diva's wrestling each other in a 'bra and panties' match, I seem to have become inspired ??

Next time you get a bit of a block, let Stacey, Torrie and Trish sort it for you !

If this doesn't get you going, you are clearly dead

I especially like the stacy & christy lingerie pillow fight.
wee bro.
Does it for me:)
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