Wednesday, September 14, 2005



So, the much anticipated petrol protest is here, if you even noticed. Apparently, the refinery at Ellesmere, one of the biggest in the UK, had a total of 8 protestors outside. There's been no road blockades by haulage companies and petrol is flowing freely all across the country.

I bet the Shell & BP exec's are quaking in their boots. I'd be surprised if they even looked up from lighting cigars with £50 notes and shovelling cocaine from the bosoms of Playboy Playmates of Year (at least, that's how I'd behave if I was a fatcat executive - more Don Simpson than Bill Gates).

Of course, that hasn't stopped an outbreak of mass hysteria all across the country. People buying hundreds of litres of petrol and storing up supplies in preparation of the country running dry of food and water. You'd think World War 3 was upon us and a nuclear winter was turning us all into mutated scavengers

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