Thursday, August 11, 2005


Welcome to the Revolution

So...England has decided to leave the licensing dark ages behind and join its culturally superior neighbour Scotland in being able to get a pint in a pub after 11 o'clock at night.

I used to do a fair bit of work in England and I could cope OK with the traveling and living in hotels. What I hated was not being able to drink in a pub after 11 o'clock. That slightly earlier witching hour always brought a decision: do I go look for a nightclub, pay to get in and buy three or four flat, over-priced Stellas, with the possibility of taking my face home in a hankie after some toothless local has glassed me for (insert random excuse here); or do I go back to the hotel bar and buy three of four flat, over-priced Stellas with all the other people working away from home with no-one to talk to, frightened to make conversation and who've decided to forego the pleasure of the aforementioned nightclub / glassing scenario.

Now, however, I'll be able to get glassed without having to leave the pub, with no worries about the price of my Stella or how much I'm going to get ripped off in my taxi home.

It took me a couple of months to get acclimatised to working in England. I loved they way everyone looked at me, after we hit the pub at 5.01pm, when at chucking out time I was yelling "Whit? Are ye mental, GIES A PINT!!!"

Or something along those lines...
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