Monday, August 01, 2005


Welcome to BigDovs Blog

Decided today to start a blog. Thought Monday 1st August was an a good omen for starting something and been reading a few on the net, so i thought i would give it a bash

Therefore, I'll start with a rant, one which you may have heard before : How pish is Big Brother ? I'm not a fan of reality TV in general, but BB is utter drivel. 12 complete tw*ts living in a house for 10 weeks, living their uninteresting lives, brightened only by the chance to have a b*tch or stab someone in the back. I think the recent Dr Who episode had it right - when a person gets voted out, they should be vapourised live in TV. Either that, or just burn the house and the public get to vote in what order the Fire Service save the housemates. I'd watch that !

And who would we put in the house ???

Lothian bus drivers, thats who! If i demanded a pay rise from my boss and then went on strike when he didn't give me it, it'd be a P45-a-rama and welcome to the world of 'do you want fries with that'

Trying to get about in Edinburgh just now is a nightmare, cos if you drive, there's loads more cars on the road and if you take the bus, theres only 1 every 3 hours and they're overfilled, hot and smelly (but enough about the drivers - boom boom !)

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