Thursday, August 18, 2005


Warning : People can seriously damage your health

I'm normally quite a calm person, but I saw and heard something this morning that nearly made my blood pressure come bursting out the top of my head. Not sure why it upset me so much, but such rank stupidity must be identified and eradicated

I'm on a bus this morning, waiting in traffic. Looking out the open window, I saw two woman trying to get into a block of flats, but getting no reply at the buzzer. One of them then whips out her phone and precedes to text the person in the flat to get them to open the door, rather than phone them. When her friend asked her what she was doing, she said it was easier than phoning. That's bad enough I'm sure you'll agree, but when her friend came back with 'yeah, thats true', I nearly jumped off the bus to batter her violently about the head and neck with the phone, in true Russell Crowe fashion.

It took me all the way to work to calm down !!

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