Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Stop Trek

So...after 40-odd years, Star Trek is no more. Despite the new series being blazed over Sky for the last couple of years and a collection / petition to keep it going, the Trekkies are going to have to take off their rubber vulcan ears, hang up their starfleet uniforms, close the Klingon dictionarys and sob quietly into the arms of their limited edition blow-up Lt Uhurus / Dr Crushers / Cptn Janeways. They will now have to actually get a life and make real friends (i would have said get real girlfriends, but, hey, let's get real)

However, I would say that it's been over for 39 of the 40-odds years, in that TNG, DS9, Voyager and Enterprise were all, invariably, p*sh. The original version was about watching Kirk out-think and out-fight whatever race the prop/SFX team could come up with, while chasing as much alien fluff as he could charm into his quarters. Set again the backdrop of di-lithium crystals being exhausted, warp engines overloading and transport malfunctions, it was a pleasant, if not particularly taxing, hour of TV. However, in true Hollywood fashion, the subsequent series were all-consumed about delivering a moral message every episode and ensuring positively NO discrimination, whether based on gender, race, skin colour, antennae vs no antennae, number of eyes / limbs etc etc. And as for the schmaltz - in the old series, if a crew member acted particularly bravely, he would be rewarded with a manly handshake and a 'well-done'. He may even have got a pat on the back if he managed to save the entire universe (female crew members would obviously be rewarded with 'dinner' in Kirks quarters). Now, its like watching 10 Jimmy Stewart movies back to back - honestly, sometimes it felt like you were just waiting for Picard et al to announce an angel had got their wings when the alarm went off.

So...finally...officially... from Cptn Pike to Cptn Archer... from 1966 to 2005...StarTrek RIP

My dad was a HUGE trekkie when I was growing up, so I was all into it. And now people make fun of me for my vast Star Trek knowledge base. But they're just jealous.
I agree, the original series was good, but the quality of the subsequent ones certainly varied
TNG did have its momenets, as did DS9 but the others were as flat as a witch's tit in terms of good Sci-Fi TV.
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