Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Phish Off

Just like Gordon McLean , i've been getting a lot of ebay and paypal phishing emails recently. In fact, I got about a dozen overnight last night. Now, call me suspicious, but I think the chances of ebay sending me 12 absolutely identical emails in one night is probably slim, regardless of how many questions possible buyers have about my ebay items. When you combine it with the fact that I don't actually have any items for sale on ebay, I think I was fairly safe in deleting them.

Additionally, it also seems to fashionable to refer to naked celebrities in your posts, as both Gordon and NakedBlog have done it, so there you go. In fact, I'll start a new trend, how about Angelina Jolie and Sarah Michelle Gellar naked (more appealling to me than Jude Law naked)

You don't even need to mention the word N?KED next to the celebrity in question. Just a link to N?kedblog on the same page usually does the trick.
Don't blame me. Blame Quentin Crisp and William Burroughs. I walk in the footsteps of giants. (Incidentally - Naked Blog, or possibly its predecessor home page, has existed longer than Google.)
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