Thursday, August 25, 2005


Lost Spoilers


I took a bit of a slagging for my post yesterday about Win95. Apparently, it was good enough for 'dull techie pointy heads', but rubbish for the rest of the world. So today I thought I would lower the tone and talk about that lowest of common denominators - TV.

Like many people, I've been watching the new C4 show Lost. Whilst I enjoyed it at first, there are a couple of things now bothering me :

Firstly, there are too many ads. I had an episode on sky+ and when I watched it and fast forwarded through the ads, it was only 40 minutes. I know they must have paid a fortune for it, but seriously, 20 minutes of ads in a 1 hour programme is probably too much...

Secondly, nothing is happening! In 4 episodes, all thats happened is they've killed a polar bear, killed a (baby) boar and we've discovered that the fit dark haired lady is a fugitive. We don't even know why she's a fugitive That's not much over four episodes, even if they are only 40 minutes long. MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN !

Iraqi Star

Saw a clip from the Iraqi version of Pop Idol on the news last night, called Iraqi Star. Exactly the same format, even down to the nice judge vs nasty judge pantomime. However, the clip I saw involved an 8 year old singing about 'who would save his country' and bursting into tears. The judges were in tears, the presenter was in tears, the UK newsreader was in tears and, I'm not ashamed to say, so was I. The singing was truly f**king awful, i was p*shing myself !

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