Monday, August 01, 2005


Life is all about Choices

Some randoms thoughts on choice. The choices we make define us and the way other people see us.

Kicks - Nike vs Adidas
Sport - Football vs Rugby (in fact, who am I kidding, Football vs Football)
Indians - Apaches vs Comanches
Music - Beatles vs Stones
Music - Guns n Roses vs Nirvana
Alcohol - Beer vs Lager
Spirits - Vodka vs Whisky
Shooters - Aftershock vs Sambuca
TV - Simpsons vs Futurama
Food - Curry vs Chinese

I agree the choices above aren't of the Sartre / I think therefore I am variety, but it'll pass 10 mins or so !!!

Nike, Nirvana, Beer and Beatles for me. Too old for both Aftershock and sambuca now - would have to be very drunk to consider either.

Curry v. chinese is too close to call - depends on your mood. What about a chinese curry?
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