Sunday, August 28, 2005


Is it Safe?

Hungover again this morning, but slightly more worried about it, as I only had 3 beers and a glass of wine. I know there was fair amount of wine (the rest of the bottle!) in the beef stew I made for dinner, but it shouldn't account for the fact that it feels like Laurence Olivier has been working his dentist drill magic on my head whilst I've been asleep. If you don't follow the title and the previous reference, click Here

I'm worried that turning 30 has flicked a magic switch that has reduced the amount of alcohol I can drink without having a hangover, not that it was particularly high anyway! I've always enjoyed a drink and it has been commented in the past that I may drink slightly more than is good for me.

Now, however, this simple pleasure is going to be tarnished for me forever....

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