Monday, August 29, 2005


I DO like Mondays

Obviously, I don't normally, but as today is a bank holiday, I like this one.

Was still up early with the bambino, but still meant I could laze about, read for a bit, have a spot of lunch and pretty much not be at work. Which is always nice!

Did notice a news item on the web about a ID theft ring that was proving hard to shut down. Now, I'm no Blofeld-type criminal mastermind, but even I could work out that the people behind it are hardly likely to say "oh well, it's fair cop guv, we'll just come quietly and spend the next 5 years in jail"

Also read a story about a new Big Brother show in Holland. One of the contestants is due to give birth in 6 weeks and the actual birth will be broadcast live on the show. Apparently, a contestant was specifically recruited for this

You might that Reality TV couldn't sink any lower, but I also read about a new show (again in Holland) called "I want your baby and nothing else" about a woman searching for a suitable sperm donor.

You couldn't make it up

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