Monday, August 22, 2005


Happy Birthday

So...I'm now 30.

30 sounds much older than 29. 29 sounds more late-youth, whereas 30 sounds more early-middleaged.

God knows what I'll think when I turn 40. Hopefully it'll be something like "i'm glad i won £20 million on the lottery when i was 30"

Happy Birthday! I know someone who turned 30 on the 19th! He wasn't looking forward to it. I'm 32, so I've had a while for everything to sink in. My thirties have been better than my twenties so far, but it is still weird being over 30 I must admit. And now 40 is looming in the distance. I don't know what I'll do when I hit 40. Aren't we supposed to be accomplished by then? Settled down and everything? Ack! That probably won't be me. Anyway, thought I'd wish you happy birthday. Love the pic on your site--beautiful! My site is I just started, so there isn't much there. Feel free to stop by. Hope your party was a smash. Best wishes.
Happy Birthday!

yeah, 30 is tough! It's been a year and a half for me, and I still haven't receovered from the shock. At least you had fun kicking it off. Cheers
gratsies :)
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