Wednesday, August 10, 2005


A Festival of (not too many) Laughs

So...the festival is now in full swing here in Edinburgh. You might not be aware, but there are good AND bad sides to this. The good things are very good - later drinking, cracking comedy shows, specials offers, lots of foreign skirt with morally relaxed attitudes. However, there is a major downside - Edinburgh is absolutely HEAVING for 3 weeks. Honestly, sometimes it can be hard to even walk down the street. You get jostled and banged by groups of tourists with their huge backpacks on, either turning around, knocking you into the path of an on-coming bus or stopping suddenly, so you crash into the back of them, invariably tipping a cup of hot drink down your front, rendering you incapable of having children in the next 5 years.

And thats without all the people on the streets trying to hand out flyers, doing market research or selling hand-made p*sh. The worst though, are the spoilt, dread-locked rich-kids, living in Mummy and Daddys flat, pretending they're 'right on' and have a conscience by trying to get you to fill in endless sodding petitions about Iraq / Fox Hunting / G8 / Oil / Nuclear Arms / Anti-Capitalism or whatever is the celebrity bandwagon topic of the day.

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