Monday, August 08, 2005


Black is the new Black

It's a sunny afternoon here in Edinburgh, so given the fluff walking about in strappy summer tops today, thoughts turn to fashion. As you may know, fashionista's around the world are consumed every year by deciding what will be the new black. Now, as they compare any new fashionable colour to black, by definition therefore, black will always be better and more popular. Therefore, nothing will be the new black, it will always be the first 'autumnal brown' (or whatever is the new black when you read this). As an additional help to the men around the world, women believe that black helps hide any unsightly bulges around the derriere. Therefore this should avoid the dreaded "does this dress make my bum look fat?" question, when all you want to do is shout "no, it's all the f*cking chocolate you eat that makes you look fat"

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